Kapsch showcasing full portfolio of integrated mobility solutions at ITS World Congress


Austrian end-to-end intelligent transportation systems (ITS) provider Kapsch TrafficCom will showcase its full portfolio of the latest integrated mobility solutions for smart cities and highways at this week’s ITS World Congress in Singapore (October 21-25).

Recent trends in urbanization, congestion and mode-shifting present significant challenges in transport terms. Kapsch notes that cities have to become smarter about how they move people and goods and need to find solutions that offer an improved user experience. New technologies that enable cities to do this are available. Smart devices are now commonplace and put information at citizens’ fingertips and from the individual’s perspective, these solutions are seamless and simple to use. However, enabling service providers to quantify and satisfy travelers’ ambitions requires sophisticated supporting technology. Smart cities of the future need innovative systems that address multimodal network analysis and evolving needs of end users, while enhancing agency collaboration.

Crucial for its success is to partner with a service provider having expertise, maturity, and a broad scope of offerings in terms of highway and urban mobility management capabilities, tolling, connected vehicle-to-everything (V2X0 technologies, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), and a multi-modal back office. In Singapore, Kapsch will be showcasing its full portfolio of the latest integrated mobility solutions in realistic scenarios and sharing the company’s vision for the future of urban mobility, which is focused on delivering innovation through smart solutions and agency cooperation whilst balancing demand across all modes. During the Congress, Kapsch experts will be presenting and discussing their most recent and innovative mobility solutions.

As part of the company’s focus in unlocking the full potential of their integrated mobility solutions, Kapsch TrafficCom Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Melbourne to create a ‘Mobility Hub’ within the Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem (AIMES) environment; a world-first living laboratory based on the streets of Melbourne, established to test highly integrated transport technology with a goal to deliver safer, cleaner, and more sustainable urban transport outcomes. The full details of the collaboration and project will be announced for the first time at the ITS World Congress. Professor Majid Sarvi from the University of Melbourne will describe how industry and academia can work together to shape the future of smart transport.

Other Kapsch’s presentations in Singapore will include:

  • Soren Tellegen, executive vice president of Kapsch Asia-Pacific, will explain the company’s vision for the future of ITS in Asia-Pacific region and how building sustainable urban mobility requires smart and powerful solutions as well as multi-agency collaboration;
  • Rohan Fernando, Kapsch vice president of sales for Asia-Pacific, will highlight ‘Our Smart Partnerships – Success Stories in Asia’, demonstrating how smart relationships lead to sustainable solutions and exceptional user experience, offering a new age of smart urban mobility;
  • David Bolt, vice president for solution consulting in Asia-Pacific, will discuss Kapsch’s digital transformation in mobility management to support road users with Intelligent Mobility Solutions that can help them reach their destination comfortably, safely, on time and with minimal environmental impact.

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