Cubic showcasing latest mobility technologies at ITS World Congress


The Cubic Corporation’s Transportation Systems (CTS) business division is showcasing innovative mobility technologies for the future of smart cities as well as participating in various speaking sessions at this week’s ITS World Congress in Singapore.

Taking place from October 21-25, the ITS World Congress brings together experts from all over the world to discuss how advancements in transportation technologies can shape tomorrow’s cities. In addition to its full portfolio of technologies on display, CTS representatives will also be participating in various sessions highlighting topics such as Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), ITS innovations and Smart City infrastructure. Located in the ITS Australia Pavilion, Cubic will be demonstrating the following ITS solutions:

  • Transport Management Platform – Cubic’s cloud-based, ITS data integration management system is a first-of-its-kind, built on a flexible and scalable platform that allows for the continued operation of legacy systems while reducing costs of operation. It allows for the integration of city management on many levels and gives transportation agencies situational awareness across multiple modes of transportation;
  • Virtual Ticket Agent – This aims to provide passengers with the benefit of a walk-up ticket office that can connect them via a live video-link to a local ticketing expert. It can use the built-in camera for document validation and share information with passengers to help them select the right ticket and journey options. It also enables station staff to be deployed around stations, keeping human contact in public transit in a more efficient and effective way and improving staff visibility at platforms.
  • Trafficware ATMS Central Transportation Management System – Created by Cubic’s Trafficware subsidiary, ATMS delivers a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling an agency’s traffic control and ITS infrastructure. ATMS is equipped with a modern and intuitive interface and allows an agency to bring traffic network data into a single repository for a real-time, integrated view of traffic operations.
  • Gridsmart System – Cubic’s Gridsmart System delivers actionable real-time data to traffic professionals in communities of all sizes around the world. With more than 45 billion vehicles accurately counted, Gridsmart is the only system in the world to track vehicle trajectory from approach through the center of the intersection to exit. The company’s vision is to ‘Improve One Billion Lives Through Intelligence’ by making transportation safer and more efficient for all drivers and vulnerable road users.

Cubic representatives will be participating at the following sessions:

  • ‘Managing Urban Space’;
  • ‘Innovative Solutions for Pricing & Travel Demand Management – Delivering in Vehicle Signage to Connected Cars’;
  • ‘Future Transport Systems – The Impact of AI and Machine Learning Interfaces on Customer Experience at Transit Stations’;
  • ‘Delivering on Proactive Congestion Management’;
  • ‘Innovative Use of Technologies for Travel Demand Management’;
  • ‘Case Studies of MaaS deployments – Trust as a Service – Managing Rider’s Confidence in the Sharing Economy.’

“We strive to develop revolutionary technologies that support evolving smart city ecosystems,” said Tom Walker, senior vice president and managing director of CTS Asia-Pacific. “We recognize that in order to solve the challenges of urban congestion and enhance the efficiency of transport networks, innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will play a critical role. Our synergistic ITS capabilities optimize transportation infrastructure and improve mobility for travelers.”

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