Barco to debut industry-first RGB laser video wall at DistribuTech 2017


Barco, one of the global leaders in networked control room visualization systems, will showcase its industry-first RGB laser-illuminated video wall at the DistribuTech 2017 conference and exhibition, which is taking place in San Diego, California, from January 31 to February 2.

Seen by Barco as a giant leap forward in video wall technology, the RGB laser display represents a vast improvement over today’s current LED-lit rear-projection systems by delivering superior image quality, higher reliability and longer life at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). With its 10th generation of rear-projection video walls, the company says it is raising the bar for visualization systems that are used in traffic management centers (TMS) and critical infrastructure monitoring facilities worldwide. Compared with today’s LED-lit rear-projection video walls, the ODL-721 laser-lit unit is superior in seven categories:

2x higher brightness; 2x more focus and contrast; 25% less power consumption; 3x energy efficiency; 25% longer life; 50% less effort required for installation; Wider viewing angles.

Powered with the latest laser technology, Barco’s RGB laser rear-projection video walls deliver unprecedented brightness levels and vibrant colors, while offering a very low TCO. Providing twice the brightness levels of mainstream LED-lit rear-projection video walls, the RGB laser series eliminate all brightness issues of earlier video walls. Because the high luminance allows operation in daylight, control rooms can be lit up, improving operators’ working conditions. Adding vibrant colors to the mix, that make all nuances clearly distinguishable, users can ensure nothing is wrongly interpreted and situational awareness is enhanced.

With a life of at least 100,000 hours in eco-mode, operators can enjoy 11.5 years of uninterrupted 24-hour operation. Redundancy of all critical components, including power supply, inputs and drivers, provides reduction in uptime. Unlike technology used by other systems and in non-24/7 meeting rooms, Barco’s RGB laser display series does not need a rotating color wheel to operate. Since each color can be uniquely controlled and is not dependent on the segment of a color wheel, it provides a new level of color control and eliminates color breakup.

The engine of Barco’s RGB laser is fully motorized. Installers and maintenance staff will never need to open up the individual modules to perfectly align the individual cubes of the video wall. Using a web interface, the wall can be remotely aligned by a single technician, including keystone correction. This is far more efficient and less time consuming, saving up to 50% of alignment and adjustment effort. Combined with the Sense X automatic calibration system, which continuously measures and adjusts brightness and color levels over the complete video wall, users get a perfectly balanced view at all times.

Hans Dekeyser, VP of strategic marketing for industry and government at Barco, noted, “The RGB laser for 24/7 control rooms is truly a giant leap forward in video wall technology, beating current LED-lit video wall performance with twice the brightness and triple the energy efficiency, delivering superior, consistent image quality at the lowest possible cost.”

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