Louisville Police deploys cloud-based radar speed trailers from All Traffic Solutions


The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) in Kentucky has announced it will deploy All Traffic Solutions’ (ATS) speed trailers equipped with portable SpeedAlert 18 web-enabled radar speed displays to calm traffic in school zones and address speeding complaints.

One of the USA’s leading developers of internet-accessible smart parking and transportation technologies, ATS, has revealed that its new customer Louisville Metro PD will deploy the company’s web-enabled speed trailers throughout three police divisions.

Each of the nine ATS 5 Trailers are equipped with a portable SpeedAlert 18 radar speed-display with programmable red and blue strobe lights. The signs all connect to the company’s cloud-based TraffiCloud Traffic Management Suite for remote device monitoring, management and real-time reporting from any internet connection. The state-of-the-art speed trailers were funded by the nine Republican Members of the Louisville Metro Council.

The LMPD learned about SpeedAlert 18 radar speed displays from a neighboring area police chief who referred them to ATS. The state-of-the-art speed trailers gather traffic data for real-time reporting and analytics, which can be shared with residents, local government, and the city council. In addition to displaying driver speeds as they pass, the SpeedAlert 18 can be programmed remotely to display speed-dependent messages, or be used as a variable message sign (VMS) at events, to display traffic alerts and other important notifications.

The Police department will deploy the SpeedAlert speed trailers to calm traffic in school zones throughout the Louisville Metro area from mid-August, the start of the school year for Jefferson County public schools. The trailer-mounted radar speed displays will also be utilized to monitor traffic in areas where residents complain about speeding.

“We chose the SpeedAlert for its cutting-edge technology and its ability to gather real-time data, so we could identify traffic and speeding problems,” said Major Jamey Schwab, Commander of the LMPD’s Eighth Division.

“Traditionally, the only way we could know what was happening on a street was to assign a traffic officer with radar at the location. In my division alone there’s 80 square miles, three major interstates, and thousands of miles of surface street. Now we have ability to monitor any road 24/7, and use the data to allocate resources.

“Our current machines use older technology and only display speed. We needed the cutting edge, cloud-based versatility and time-saving features of the SpeedAlert. We plan to share report access with the city council and other elected officials so that they can monitor traffic information themselves.”

Minority caucus chair of District 7 of the Louisville Metro Council, Angela Leet, commented, “This is a great example of how the nine Republican Members of the Louisville Metro Council have successfully worked together by pooling our funding to help address one of our constituents’ most frequent concerns – speeding. We are excited to help LMPD add this new tool that will help make our streets safer.” 

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