Axis launches new range of positioning cameras for wide-area surveillance


Swedish developer of network video systems Axis Communications has launched a new generation of positioning cameras that have multiple applications for the traffic, transportation, parking and smart city markets.

Axis’s new generation of visual, bispectral and thermal positioning cameras offer private and public sector organizations faster and more accurate pan and tilt capabilities to monitor large-scale sites, perimeters and borders in real time, and are able to respond instantly to alerts and incidents.

Due to their enhanced capabilities, the new range of positioning cameras enables surveillance across vast sites with fewer cameras, with the potential for 360º unobstructed field of view at all times, and a 135º field of view from ground to sky. The new cameras’ features include:

• High speed and jerk-free PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) movements with continuous pan;

• Built-in electronic image stabilization (EIS), reducing issues with vibration caused by an unstable mounting surface or a wind-sensitive mast;

• SFP (small form-factor pluggable transceiver) slot for easy cable management, and quick and effective installation for fiber-optic connection over long distances;

• Powerful positioning capabilities, even at high wind and over a wide temperature range;

• Flexible mounting options on columns directly, or against walls and poles, with robust accessories.

The new range includes thermal positioning cameras, visual PTZ positioning cameras, and bispectral PTZ positioning cameras that combine both visual and thermal images:

• Q8641-E and Q8642-E PT Thermal Network Cameras – Thermal positioning cameras that offer outstanding thermal contrast and 10º field of view, which together with analytics, enables long-range detection and immediate visual confirmation for the operator;

• Q8685-E/-LE PTZ Network Cameras – Visual PTZ positioning cameras, offer high-video quality with HDTV 1080p, 30x zoom with focus recall, WDR (wide dynamic range), and low-light sensitivity;

• Q8741-E and Q8742-E Bispectral PTZ Network Cameras – Bispectral PTZ positioning cameras, offer two live video streams, one from a thermal sensor, used for detection and verification, and one from a high-definition visual sensor for identification of colors and details;

• Q8741-LE, Q8742-LE and Q8685-LE models also include long-life and long-range IR (infrared) for improved night visibility. For traffic monitoring, airport, harbor and public area surveillance, these cameras are also equipped with remote-maintenance using a wiper and washer.

Michael Chen, Axis global product manager, noted, “Sites that require monitoring can be vast, and a comprehensive field of view using static cameras can be unfeasible. Pan and tilt abilities are essential, and our new range takes these capabilities to another level of performance.”

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