EarthSense delivers air pollution insights for UK community of Westbury


Air quality specialist EarthSense has announced a partnership with Westbury Town Council in Wiltshire, UK.  The council has begun to provide members of the public with access to an air quality portal that provides local pollution information in real time.

Following concerns from the public about air pollution, the town council of Westbury asked EarthSense to develop an interactive air pollution map. The public can now access this information through EarthSense’s MyAir application on the council’s website. The portal delivers real-time Zephyr air quality measurements and MappAir modelled data for pollutants nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM2.5), together with supporting advice about prevailing concentrations.

The portal uses the MappAir city resolution model, which combines several datasets, including reference site, traffic, weather, and Zephyr data to provide visualizations of air quality throughout the town. The portal also offers real-time Zephyr measurements, which indicate pollution concentrations at specific locations.

The portal gives members of the public suggestions on how they can manage their pollution exposure and how vulnerable groups should respond to the current levels. In addition, users receive supporting guidance about how to reduce air pollution concentrations.

Using the portal, residents can use measured and modelled insights to make informed choices about methods of transport. Westbury Town Council can also use the data in approaches to Wiltshire Council to implement further improvements in certain areas.

The static, battery-powered Zephyr monitor, which has been supplied by EarthSense’s UK distributor for local councils, Enviro Technology (ET), is currently installed on the A350, a road running through Westbury. The unit has previously been installed at a pedestrianized marketplace, Warminster Road, and a residential property, and will be relocated monthly to measure concentrations at other areas of interest.

The sensor will also be used for a range of initiatives including identifying clean routes to encourage no idling and sustainable transport decisions, and monitoring air pollution outside schools.

Using a combination of technologies to deliver Westbury Town Council’s air pollution map, we’ve been able to help them to work with members of the public to identify pollution hotspots throughout the town,” says Tom Hall, managing director at EarthSense. “This means the council will be able to introduce suitable measures to mitigate increased pollution levels.”

“We were delighted to be able to work on this initiative with EarthSense,” says Deborah Urch, town clerk at Westbury Town Council. “The easy-to-use online portal is available on our website and the community can see at-a-glance the quality of air in Westbury. This enables us to reassure the public that Westbury continues to be a great place to live but also enables the town council to monitor air quality and take action as necessary.”

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