Vivacity Labs gathers data insights ahead of reduced speed limit roll-out in Wales


The Welsh Government is using AI technology from Vivacity Labs to analyse the impact of reducing speed limits on pedestrian footfall and vehicle volumes, and on pedestrian and vehicle interactions.

In 2019, plans were announced for a new national speed limit of 20mph to be implemented in residential areas across Wales by 2023. Phase 1 of this process is the introduction of 20mph limits in eight trial areas.

Vivacity Labs sensors are being deployed to monitor the change in pedestrian footfall in retail areas and the change in vehicle yield rates at informal crossings. By comparing data from crossings within 20mph and 30mph zones, it is possible to determine the role that speed plays in vehicle yield rates at crossings.

With 3D pose detection, Vivacity Labs’ Near Miss capabilities enable the accurate analysis of post-encroachment time. It is possible to analyse vehicle behaviours in response to pedestrian presence at crossings, and provide data-backed evidence of pedestrian safety and Highway Code compliance.

Mark Nicholson, Vivacity Labs’ CEO, says: “This is an exciting, first-of-its-kind initiative, where gathering data insights on yielding behaviours is achieved through bespoke application of our ground-breaking Near Miss capability.”

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