Transport Research Innovation Portal report identifies key research areas for Europe to unlock clean transport potential


A new report from the European Commission-funded (EC) Transport Research Innovation Portal (TRIP) provides insight into the deployment of clean transport in Europe, identifying priority research areas that can unlock the full environmental, economic and social benefits of low carbon mobility.

TRIP’s Research Theme Analysis Report: Cleaner Transport compiles outcomes from over €2.8bn (US$3.2bn) worth of clean transport research and innovation projects throughout the EU. It focuses on seven priority areas of clean transport research: alternative fuels; modal shift; electromobility; low-emissions logistics; vehicle design and manufacture (aviation and maritime); vehicle design and manufacture (road and rail); and automation and modern infrastructure.

The report finds that demonstrable progress has been made in implementing innovative clean transport technologies and alternative fuels in Europe, including a significant increase in the deployment of biofuels for road transport. The research also shows that ‘softer’ measures to encourage passengers to adopt lower emission options are leading to tangible CO? reductions.

Suggested areas for future research include expanding alternative fuels beyond passenger cars to include aviation and shipping. The rapidly growing sector of autonomous driving and the conditions under which it could support cleaner mobility is also highlighted as an important target for research. Transport is seen as a priority for the EC as the sector is undergoing a number of rapidly-evolving technological, economic and social transformations.

The report draws on research projects submitted to TRIP, an online portal for transport professionals from across Europe to share the outcomes of their research. In September 2017, the EC launched the Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS) – an evolution of TRIP, which it replaces – and incorporates the latter’s database of over 10,000 EU and national transport research projects. (Click here for details)

TRIMIS will analyze the effectiveness of transport innovation in delivering the EU’s energy and transport strategy, by supporting the EU’s Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda (STRIA). The seven STRIA Roadmaps aim for a more integrated and effective transport system across Europe, and to make better use of innovation and new technology in transport.

“The new report takes stock of the clean transport research and innovation landscape in Europe,” noted Gareth Horton, TRIP’s lead analyst. “It reveals areas where technology and policy development are leading to multi-modal emissions reduction, including in passenger cars, public transport, shipping and air travel. It also suggests directions for Europe’s researchers and policy makers to focus on, to unlock the full benefits of clean and sustainable transport.”

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