TomTom expands live Traffic service to India and Bulgaria and assists solar car team


Dutch navigation and travel information provider, TomTom, has announced the launch of its real-time Traffic service in India and Bulgaria, with the company also offering its support to an entrant in a solar-powered car competition across South Africa.

TomTom’s expansion of its Traffic offering into the Indian and Bulgarian markets means that drivers in 52 countries worldwide can now receive its live real-time traffic information on connected devices. Traffic conditions in India are among the worst in the world. In New Delhi, the country’s capital, the frequency of traffic collisions is 40 times higher than the rate in London, UK. In Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, despite recent modernization programs to help tackle congestion, the city suffers from substantial traffic jams and excessive air pollution levels. By expanding its Traffic service to these two countries, TomTom will be able to reach another 1.3 billion people, helping them move more quickly and safely, and providing a valuable tool for all environmentally conscious end users.

“Traffic congestion remains a major problem for many countries around the world, and India and Bulgaria are no different,” said Ralf-Peter Schäfer, head of traffic and travel information at TomTom. “Our aim is to continuously empower drivers, businesses and governments by providing accurate traffic information to better manage traffic flow, increase road safety and ease the impact of congestion on the environment.”

TomTom has also announced its support for the Technical University Delft team in the Sasol Solar Challenge. The company will be providing the eight students with its flagship products to help them propel this year’s car, Nuna8S, toward victory. The team, which won last year’s World Solar Challenge, is laying the foundations for the future of driving through its innovation in designing solar-powered cars. The Sasol Solar Challenge is held in South Africa every two years and is an impressive demonstration of leading technology and the sophistication and performance of current solar-powered vehicles. Starting on September 24, the global competition will see participants travel from Pretoria to Cape Town, covering up to 2,796 miles (4,500km) in eight days on solar power alone.

TomTom is providing the Nuon Solar team with its technical, product and data expertise to ensure that they can plan the perfect race. With the event taking place on public roads, the company’s data and routing devices will be critical in helping the team gain a competitive edge. The TomTom Telematics WEBFLEET fleet management system will track and connect all the support vehicles in real time, and TomTom’s sport watch and action cameras are also helping the team with valuable data and support during the race.

Bouwe Bekking, team coach of the Nuon Solar Team, said, “We’re very grateful for the support from TomTom. Its action camera saved us a time penalty last year that could have cost us the race! TomTom is this year providing even more data and technical support to help the team make the right decisions on the road and help it stay focused on innovation and winning the race.”

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