Jamaica selects TRL Software’s crash data platform


TRL Software is to provide its iMAAP accident analysis software system to the Jamaican Ministry of Transport and Mining to help make the island’s roads safer.

The web-based iMAAP platform can identify and analyse causes of crashes and isolate common features. iMAAP will help Jamaica’s Ministry of Transport and Mining to streamline its data collection process and define engineering and environmental issues that contribute to crashes.

The automatic photo, video and data captioning will speed up the analysis process and allow the Ministry of Transport and Mining to develop countermeasures with realistic associated costs and timelines.

The Caribbean island currently uses a paper-based crash data collection and analysis system.

“Up to now, crash data collection has always been a paper-based exercise, TRL Software’s iMAAP software will provide extensive insight on crashes on our road network, allowing us to make the right improvements in the right places on our roads to prevent fatal road accidents,” says Deidrie Hudson-Sinclair, director, Road Safety Unit for Jamaica’s Ministry of Transport and Mining & Mining.

“Our cloud-based solution will provide the Jamaican Ministry of Transport & Mining with the vital information they require to target road safety interventions effectively, and ultimately reduce the number of fatal and serious road traffic accidents across the country,” says Dr Paul Zanelli, director of Strategic Ventures at TRL Software.

TRL Software says that iMAAP has saved more than 25,000 lives around the world to date.

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