EtherWAN opens new Experience Lab to demonstrate smart city and ITS best practices


Manufacturer of Ethernet-based network connectivity products EtherWAN Systems Inc. has opened a new Customer Experience Lab to help guide municipalities through the transformation into smart cities.

Located at EtherWAN’s Anaheim, California, headquarters, the Customer Experience Lab offers the latest in intelligent transportation systems (ITS), network best practices, and forward-thinking technology.

The Lab gives an opportunity for transportation professionals to try networking out in an environment that is similar to what they would be working with. Customers will be able to use the Lab to learn network best practices, train their employees, and make confident buying decisions.

The Lab includes a substantial investment in traffic, security and water management devices and systems to function as a real-world network example for urban infrastructures. Technology represented includes mock traffic intersections with controllers, stoplights, sensors and surveillance. These intersections, among other technology, are connected to a 4-screen CMS (Central Monitoring System) controlling all functionality and showcasing software from partners.

Founded in 1996 by a team of ex-NASA engineers, EtherWAN specializes in the design and manufacture of Ethernet switches and extenders, media converters, and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) products for applications where Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity is crucial, such as ITS or smart city deployments.

With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, the company’s portfolio is focused on sustained connectivity in extreme urban or rural environments. Following the close of the ITS California Conference earlier this week, EtherWAN provided delegates with live demonstrations of all the Lab technology.

“Our Customer Experience Lab is over a year in the making and provides the vision of what cities’ networks can and should look like in the future,” said Jim Toepper, marketing and product director at EtherWAN. “We are excited to showcase our expertise and the fantastic partners that provided the tech to really make this lab come to life.”

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