Cubic to provide New Zealand with integrated ticketing solution


Cubic Transportation Systems will provide a national ticketing solution for New Zealand’s public transport, as per the Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency. It will cover 13 regions across the country.

Cubic’s solution will combine bus, rail and ferry services, encouraging their use over private modes of transportation.

“When we remove barriers and make public transport easier to use, we can improve safety and reduce road congestion and emissions,” said Yogesh Anand, Waka Kotahi NTS executive sponsor. “We also understand that accessible and affordable public transport options are key to helping cities grow sustainably and become more liveable and connected.”

”We’re confident that partnering with Cubic, a leader in Account Based Ticketing solutions, is the right choice,” said Mr. Anand. “Their vast experience is integral to delivering a seamless experience to New Zealanders. Between Waka Kotahi, our Public Transport Authorities and Cubic, we’re looking forward to creating an easy-to-use system for all Kiwis.”

The new account based ticketing solution is similar to systems that Cubic has deployed in New York, London and Brisbane. It is built with growth in mind and can expand with the needs of New Zealand, integrating with the existing operators and authorities in each region.

“This is an exciting project for Cubic. We’re proud that Waka Kotahi chose to leverage our innovative products and proven track record in delivering complex solutions for the world leaders in public transportation, including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Queensland and London,” said CTS president Jeff Lowinger.

Waka Kotahi will enable “open loop” payments on credit and debit cards and digital versions such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. In addition, it will maintain other payment options to ensure that passengers can choose their preferred payment method and be confident that they will receive the correct fare — even for multimodal journeys.

“We are proud to partner with Waka Kotahi and the public transport authorities to deliver the National Ticketing Solution,” said Simon McLevie, VP & managing director for CTS Asia & New Zealand. “We look forward to working with Waka Kotahi and the regional councils on enabling innovation in customer experience through easier payments for public transport that will improve the lives of all Kiwis.”

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