Trafficware’s software update includes connected vehicle application


One of the USA’s most widely-used advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) has received a software upgrade that includes a connected vehicle module that will allow cities to transmit signaling information directly to cars.

After successfully delivering connected vehicle applications in Palo Alto and other San Francisco Bay area cities, Texas-based traffic technology supplier Trafficware has launched its subscription Connected Vehicle Module as part of the Version 2.5 software release.

The module allows transportation agencies to selectively publish traffic intersection data to any third-party for the growing number of connected vehicle applications, such as ‘Talking Intersections’, which provides valuable intersection data to the driver, improving safety, reducing emissions, and more. Data provided by Trafficware’s signal controllers, sensors, and central management software, is used to predict and time-calibrate the state of the traffic signal, so auto manufacturers can incorporate it into their telematics and in-vehicle information systems. A growing number of communities are exploring these applications, since early results were favorable, and auto manufacturers are launching connected vehicle systems in 2017 and later model cars.

Hundreds of transportation authorities, including Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando, New Orleans, Palo Alto in Silicon Valley in the USA, and internationally in Cairo, Egypt, rely on the system to support their communities’ complex transportation networks. Trafficware has more than 250 major installations, with equipment deployed at more than 9,000 intersections globally.

Some of the new capabilities available in the latest 2.5 release include:

• A new CSV export report to allow CSV text files to be created by the user for volumes or splits, which can be readily opened in Excel for customized agency use;

• A day plan report under the database utilities section, which allows the user to select multiple controllers and view their day plans side-by-side to assure that intersections are lining up with coordination schedules;

• A connected vehicle module interface, including publisher, provider and subscriber modules;

• Purdue split monitor reports, featuring the purdue split monitor diagram*;

• An enhanced purdue coordination diagram report, creating reports for all phases and adding a metrics table. In addition, a single diagram and per phase report mode was added.*

* For those customers that have subscribed to these modules. customers that subscribe to Trafficware’s Software Maintenance Agreement, will receive all features included in the base application free, as part of the program.

“Our continual R&D investment to design the most technologically current central traffic management system exemplifies our commitment to market-leading products,” noted Trafficware’s CEO, Jon Newhard.” In fact, more than 25 new features and updates were made in Version 2.5, drawing from the company’s recent customer council and survey input, as well as working with our Palo Alto customer on what would become a finalist for the Best in ITS Awards.” [in San Jose, California, last month].

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