OmniAir Consortium awards its first V2X certification to Commsignia device


The leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification in ITS, tolling, Internet of Things technologies, and connected vehicles, the OmniAir Consortium, has awarded the world’s first Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) certification to Commsignia Inc.

While there are many DSRC-V2X (dedicated short-range communications) products on the market, Commsignia is the only one in the world to gain certification through OmniAir’s commercial, connected vehicle conformance program. The OmniAir Consortium has now certified Commsignia’s Smart City fourth-generation ITS-OB4 (onboard unit) as meeting all its exacting industry standards. OmniAir and its members have worked collaboratively with multiple transportation stakeholders to develop testing conformance requirements and procedures for both tolling and V2X connected vehicle markets. The consortium’s certification program provides third-party qualified accredited laboratory testing and validation of DSRC-based V2X devices and test tools.

This program delivers another level of assurance to Tier 1 suppliers, automotive OEMs, and local, state and federal Departments of Transportation looking to deploy V2X technology. The organization says that in a growing market, it is critical to ensure customers have a positive experience with their first DSRC-V2X deployments. There are two choices: go with an unknown product; or go with one that earned an OmniAir Certification Mark that proves that the device conforms to industry protocol standards and specifications.

“Commsignia officially leads the pack in V2X device communications,” said Jason Conley, executive director for the OmniAir Consortium. “This major milestone proves V2X devices are capable of passing OmniAir’s rigorous certification Release 1 program, focused on delivering trusted communication devices. While other groups in the ITS world are in their initial stages of forming a V2X Taskforce to discuss national interoperability for connected and autonomous vehicles, OmniAir and our members are years ahead and are delivering results today.”

Andras Takacs, Commsignia’s chief product officer, commented, “Interoperable, secure and trusted devices are needed to ensure the global expansion of the DSRC-based V2X connected vehicle industry. We are proud to have collaborated with OmniAir and 7layers, an OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratory, to release the world’s first certified DSRC-based V2X device. Our plan is to extend certification to our C-V2X based devices later as well.”

Steve Novosad, OmniAir Consortium chairman and associate vice president at HNTB Corporation, noted, “Automotive OEMs, Tier 1s, smart cities, and governments are investing heavily in V2X communications technology, including the USDOT-funded pilot in Tampa where Commsignia is a key supplier. These end-users or deployers of V2X technology want to use proven technology and certified devices, which separates marketing hype from performance.”

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