New alliance formed to enhance V2X cybersecurity


Cybersecurity firm Accedian, digital infrastructure security experts New Context, and V2X pioneers Savari, have announced a strategic partnership to foster and promote economic security and prosperity for next-generation smart infrastructure.

This alliance is mobilised to connect countless sensors, applications, autonomous cars, and remote services across every industry sector to create an assured, attested and secured foundation for tomorrow’s transportation and electrification infrastructure.

Transportation is witnessing an explosion of networks, sensors, and devices fuelling a patchwork of AI, IoT, and 4G/5G technologies into an already rapidly deteriorating modern-day infrastructure design. Smart infrastructure reimagines and forges the convergence of the collective imagination of modern technology into the practical social and economic benefits that society requires.

Accedian will provide their foundational technology, Skylight, which delivers the observability of network and application transactions, performance analytics, and the detection of real-time suspicious, malicious and anomalous threat behaviours. Skylight’s observability will enable infrastructure to capitalise on data coming from vehicles, traffic management systems, and fast charging stations, for example, and support applications associated with smart city enablement. This intelligent stream of data can be used by higher layer analytics platforms, and automation and orchestration platforms, for V2G and C-V2X infrastructure. Observability of application and network performance, as well as security threat detection at the edge and in the core cloud infrastructure, assures that the right data was sent to the right place and at the right time, facilitating an intelligent, eco-friendly and safer smart city infrastructure.

“Skylight provides the critical observability needed to ascertain the application communication transactions and detect advanced, targeted cyber breaches and other evasive attacks that are notably more difficult for organizations to find and prevent. In short, it provides the digital assurance required to empower the smart city infrastructure ecosystem,” says Michael Rezek, vice president of cybersecurity strategy at Accedian.

New Context will harness its expertise at engineering visionary data architecture solutions in the utility, robotic, and industrial sectors to modernise the next generation of smart infrastructure landscape with an ever-changing rulebook for data that continuously varies by nation, locality, or state.

“Observability and trust are paramount to how we integrate sensors, vehicles and supply chains,” says Daniel Riedel, CEO of New Context. “That is why this partnership is critical to our future infrastructure. Industrial, utility, and automotive companies will all blend into one ecosystem. Data must be able to pass through them safely and securely while still maintaining all regulatory compliance cross borders. We are honoured to be among a few select companies that have the depth and breadth of experience in this interconnected landscape, and Accedian’s Skylight and Savari will give us the visibility to achieve transparency and trust.”

Savari will continue to forge ahead on its mission to make the world’s roadways safer and smarter with V2X solutions spanning in-vehicle, roadside and cloud business segments. Today, Savari is a critical part of the V2X rollouts by major automotive vehicle manufacturers beginning in 2020. With these automotive leaders accounting for more than 30% of the US market and roughly 15% of the global automotive market, Savari’s V2X software will power Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features for one in seven cars globally.

“The emergence of 5G is enabling the rollouts for V2X infrastructure to happen sooner. The time is now to address both the needs of smart cities and automotive vehicle manufacturers for connected and autonomous vehicles. We are excited to combine the power of our three companies to help create a platform framework for the insurance industry to meet nationwide Vision Zero initiatives,” says Ravi Puvvala, CEO of Savari.

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