Nevada CAM and Nexar to create USA’s first statewide V2V network


The Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility (Nevada CAM) and the developer of the world’s first open vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) connected-dashcam network for preventing road collisions and enabling autonomous mobility, Nexar, have formed a strategic partnership that will create the first statewide V2V network in the USA.

The collaboration is designed to enhance safety on Nevada’s roads and highways, spur economic development and job creation, and introduce a series of innovative smart transportation systems that will optimize infrastructure management, regional planning, and inform policy throughout the state.

Nexar’s V2V network, has shown a 24% reduction in collisions since its inception, and uses smartphone dashcams and cellular technology to provide drivers real-time alerts to prevent vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian collisions. The network is well established in New York City, San Francisco, and is building up in Las Vegas. The partnership with Nevada CAM will maximize the benefits of the company’s existing network by increasing the number of users on Nevada roads and providing the state with live mapping capabilities through Nexar’s recently launched CityStream data platform.

The partnership’s collective goal is, by 2020, to generate data covering 250 million miles on a weekly basis. The two organizations will work together to identify additional opportunities with state, city and private vehicle fleets, as well as consumers, to expand the V2V network. Nevada CAM and Nexar have outlined six key goals:

• Increase vehicular and pedestrian safety on Nevada roadways using Nexar’s crowdsourced V2V network;

• Create new jobs and business activity in the technology, insurance, data management, software development, and autonomous vehicle training sectors;

• Introduce a series of ‘smart state’ systems to support Nevada transportation policy, enforcement, and infrastructure management, using access to previously unavailable real-time, anonymous data related to roadway use, traffic patterns and compliance;

• Offer enhanced fleet management capabilities to industry, state and local governments, with access to live fleet mapping, driver scoring, advanced collision reporting and reconstruction, and hazard detection/automatic vehicle re-routing;

• Accelerate the adoption of autonomous vehicles by extending the line-of-sight and allowing communication between human drivers and autonomous vehicles;

• Collaborate on ‘Smart Transportation’ research projects with Nevada Research Institutes using the Nexar data set to understand road velocities, traffic blockers, human braking effectiveness, and create a holistic road management policy.

Eran Shir, co-founder and CEO of Nexar, commented, “I want to commend Nevada for being a leader in vehicular safety, and for recognizing the many benefits that our vehicle-to-vehicle network can enable.”

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