World’s first independent autonomous safety driver training course receives official accreditation


An autonomous safety driver training course, which was launched in the UK in November 2018, has received official accreditation.  

CAT Driver Training’s innovative autonomous safety driver training course is the first of its kind in the world. The four-day course has been developed to support autonomous experts across a range of fields. The course combines engineering knowledge with advanced defensive driving technique.

Delegates taking the course will be trained and tested using a varied selection of driving scenarios and road networks on the public highway, along with five different circuits at Millbrook Proving Ground. Participants will also be given written tests, which comply with the UK’s Highway Code, on vehicle dynamics knowledge and learning outcomes.

The autonomous safety driver course is accredited at the Level 4 category (comparable with a first-year degree). Upon completion of the course, participants will receive three vocational learning credits from OCN Credit4Learning.

Course creator Colin Hoad said, “We believe driving intelligence is the missing piece of the self-driving puzzle. By uniting the testing and evaluation practices of today with vehicle dynamic driving principal, our training optimizes existing CAV development projects to produce the most advanced driver of tomorrow.”

Click here for more information about the CAT ‘Autonomous safety driver & operator training’ course.


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