Keysight’s V2X testing system gets OmniAir certification


Leading electronics measurement and testing systems developer Keysight Technologies Inc. has announced that its E6953A vehicle-to-everything (V2X) test unit has received certification from the OmniAir Consortium.

Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers are actively investing in V2X technology to improve the safety and efficiency of automobiles and for connected vehicle (CV) applications. Similarly, Departments of Transportation (DOTs), highways agencies and road operators worldwide are trialling and deploying V2X technologies to improve the safety and efficiency of their transportation networks.

As the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for intelligent transportation systems (ITS), tolling and connected vehicles, the OmniAir Consortium has now awarded its OmniAir Qualified Test Equipment (OQTE) status to Keysight’s E6953A V2X testing system. Following a lengthy and detailed validation process, OmniAir certification ensures vehicular communication devices and associated software pass global industry requirements for interoperability and compliance.

Having received OmniAir Certification, Keysight’s E6953A DSRC (dedicated short-range communications) V2X Test Solution now provides automotive OEM manufacturers and suppliers, and other CV stakeholders, with confidence that their onboard unit (OBU) or roadside unit (RSU) devices and software will pass global industry requirements for interoperability and compliance with current standards and regulations.

There are only three other OmniAir Qualified test tools currently verified by the organization. OmniAir has certified Keysight’s V2X Test Solution to validate physical layer (PHY) and protocol conformance in V2X based on OmniAir Consortium’s DSRC test specifications. Keysight’s E6953A DSRC V2X Test Solution enables full test automation of OmniAir Consortium WAVE-DSRC test cases based upon standards SAE J2945/1, IEEE 802.11p, IEEE 1609.2, IEEE 1609.3, and IEEE 1609.4.

“As a long-time OmniAir member and contributor to the testing program, we are pleased to be OmniAir qualified for DSRC,” said Siegfried Gross, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s automotive and energy solutions business unit. “We will continue to work with OmniAir, and other industry leaders, on similar solutions for the emerging V2X standard.”

OmniAir’s executive director, Jason Conley, commented, “We are proud to partner with companies like Keysight Technologies, whose world-class capabilities and expertise will help to advance OmniAir’s V2X testing and certification programs.”

Using Keysight’s E6953A DSRC V2X Test Solution, technical and engineering services company Bureau Veritas Korea (BV Korea) earned OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratory status (OATL), making it the first laboratory in Asia to receive the global qualification. This status enables BV Korea to offer OmniAir Certification services to the growing ecosystem of V2X designers and manufacturers in Korea and throughout southeast Asia.

Todd Kwak, general lab manager at BV Korea, noted, “We are confident that V2X technology in the automotive industry will become globally widespread, complying to technical certification provided by companies such as Bureau Veritas Korea. We look forward to a strong partnership between ourselves and Keysight for OmniAir V2X certification.”

Jun Chie, Keysight’s vice president of Asia-Pacific sales, said, “We are proud that Bureau Veritas Korea selected our DSRC V2X Test System for their certification program. Working together, Bureau Veritas Korea and Keysight will play a key part in the roll-out of V2X services.”

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