New asset management solution from Telent will benefit road authorities across the UK


A new ITS solution from Telent will provide UK councils and road authorities with a scalable and futureproof solution for managing their roadside assets. Optima Hub remotely monitors and integrates data from roadside controllers and sensors. The solution enables that information to be accessible via a centralized, browser-based system allowing for increased mobility and productivity.

Already live across 16 local authorities, with a further four currently trialling the system, a total of 1337 sites are currently being monitored by the Optima Hub. 600 of these sites feature third party controllers and demonstrate Optima Hub’s ability to work with any manufacturer’s equipment. The system, featuring interactive maps and a streamlined graphical user interface (GUI), is providing a high degree of situational awareness to operators countrywide.

“We’re very pleased with the positive feedback we have received for the Optima Hub and the user-friendly GUI is proving to be an effective tool that our customers can benefit from,” says Paul Owen, Telent’s head of traffic operations. “Having the ability to access data from multiple controllers in one place via any device provides immense value. The level of detail the Optima Hub delivers means customers can assess and manage their roadside assets in a way that wasn’t previously possible.”

Hosted and managed by Telent, Optima Hub presents data from assets across the customer estate with modules that allow for traffic signal controller remote monitoring, CCTV, air quality, count data, bus priority and remote I/O. As a web-based hosted system, Optima Hub is a scalable solution, capable of monitoring multiple controllers from any third party manufacturer, as well as legacy Telent controllers, presenting that data in one place for review.

Telent is providing complete training to customers who adopt Optima Hub along with dedicated, user defined access to their sites. With the capacity to remotely monitor pollution and air quality via cost effective sensors that can be integrated into the hub, alongside seamless CCTV, which can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, the system offers customization and operational awareness, with the ability to consolidate the data of numerous assets in one place.

Optima Hub can achieve this high degree of functionality without the need for a customer to support their own IT infrastructure and provides an integrated solution for all ITS data.

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