Iteris awarded TMC upgrade contracts for two cities in California


One of the USA’s suppliers of applied informatics systems for the transportation industry, Iteris Inc., has been awarded two new contracts to supply Traffic Management Center design and integration services for two cities in California.  

Totaling more than US$1m, the new contracts are to provide design, integration and operations services to the City of Inglewood and the City of Glendale’s traffic management centers (TMC), representing an expansion of Iteris’ operations services business in a core geographic market.

The two programs will make use of the company’s latest smart city solutions to meet their future transportation systems needs, while improving traffic safety and travel efficiency for all road users. The new projects will also support the integration of data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices into central traffic management hubs to improve the operation of local roadways.

Under the terms of the City of Inglewood contract, Iteris will design its new main TMC and related traffic management operations systems across two sites and several offices. As part of the City’s overall intelligent transportation system (ITS) buildout, the project will deploy state-of-the-art TMC technologies and a Signal Shop TMC system to support traffic operations. The company will also facilitate the implementation of emergency management plans to allow for traffic redirection during major events, as well as traffic management around the city’s new football stadium.

Under the terms of the City of Glendale contract, Iteris will design and integrate the City’s TMC facility and equipment room, relocate and recommission existing fiber optics, deploy a new video management system and integrate it with existing field camera systems. The Glendale contract also includes the upgrade and reconfiguration of existing Cisco network communications and the complete analysis, selection and deployment of a new traffic signal system supporting up to 240 signalized intersections.

Both programs support the cities’ goals of ingesting data from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices into central traffic operations hubs that will serve to better anticipate traffic-related issues with the goal of improving road safety and efficiency for travelers. Iteris’s transportation systems business unit provides public and private entities, including local city agencies, counties, institutions and state Departments of Transportation (DOTs), with comprehensive TMC solutions, encompassing everything from design concept to installation, configuration and staffing. The company provides a full portfolio of hardware, including radar and camera-based detection systems, as well as software platforms for the analysis, management and operation of road networks.

“The cities of Inglewood and Glendale are demonstrating their commitment to finding smart city solutions to improve traffic safety and efficiency in these thriving Southern California transportation networks,” said Scott Carlson, vice president and assistant general manager of transportation systems at Iteris.

“We look forward to leveraging the expertise from our TMC implementation and staffing engagements across the country to resolve the issues facing freeways and arterial roads throughout the cities of Inglewood and Glendale.”

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