Alliance Scale releases new WIM truck scale and portable system for construction sites


Massachusetts-based Alliance Scale Inc. has introduced a new weigh-in-motion (WIM) truck scale that will dynamically weigh each axle and print a receipt with individual axle weights and the total without requiring a driver to stop.

The new Alliance axleWEIGH In Motion Truck Scale weighs individual axles by simply driving over the scale at ~3mph (4.8km/h) and also calculates total vehicle weight regardless of truck length or configuration. Easy to use, a driver stops at the controller, enters their known tare weight or truck ID to recall a stored tare weight in a single pass; or they can use two-pass weighing and the controller will calculate the gross, tare, and net values.

Featuring factory-calibrated load cells and a pre-programmed indicator, the new axleWEIGH In Motion Truck Scale yields better than ±0.5% repeat-ability on average. Preconfigured for easy installation, the dynamic WIM truck scales can be installed on a gravel driveway, eliminating the need for costly ramps. Suitable for a variety of applications, including ports-of-entry or freight and logistics hubs, the controller can provide a CSV file with job numbers for every transaction.

Alliance has also released a new high-capacity portable truck scale that is modular for easy installation, expansion and relocation during highway construction projects. The Alliance Portable Truck Scale features Rice Lake’s Survivor ATV Series pre-assembled steel deck modules that provide a 100,000 lb concentrated load capacity and are offered in several sizes. Easy to install, expand and relocate, the self-contained steel decks incorporate self-seating hinge connectors and can be supplied with a variety of digital weight indicators including models that can store up to 1,000 truck IDs and truck tares.

Designed for site-to-site relocation, the Portable Truck Scale’s load cells and electronics are all accessible through the steel decks, and ramps can made by simply backfilling to the bulkheads, although steel ramps and approaches are optional. Offered with steel decks in 10-80ft (3-24m) lengths and NTEP-certified widths to 16.5ft (5m), the portable scales have a span deflection ratio of 1:1100 for legal highway loads.

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