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Pittsburgh's three-part plan to become a smart city

In the clip below, taken from a recent ITE Talks podcast, Karina Ricks, director of Pittsburgh's Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, speaks to Bernie Wagenblast about the city's three-part plan to become a smart city. She also touches on moves to reduce carbon emissions and improve the city's links with high-profile private sector companies like Google, Uber and Ford. To listen to the full interview and more from ITE Talks and Transportation Radio click here.

July 2017



V2I technology being installed at intersections in New York City

As part of New York City's Connected Vehicle Pilot Program, certain intersections are being fitted with safety enhancing technology. This video, following on from last week's post, explains in more detail how some of these technologies will work.

July 2017



President Trump's infrastructure plans

Former Florida secretary of transportation, Ananth Prasad is now senior vice president and national transportation practice leader at HNTB, an infrastructure solutions firm. In this clip with Transportation Radio's Bernie Wagenblast, Prasad outlines his thoughts on President Trump's approach to infrastructure investment. To hear the full interview and others click here.

July 2017



NYC DOT to deploy V2X technologies as part of US DOT pilot

This video shows New York City Department of Transportation's (NYC DOT) planned deployment of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies that are expected to improve road users' safety. The deployment is part of the US DOT Connected Vehicle Pilot, a movement towards Vision Zero.

July 2017



CDOT projects improve safety and congestion on I-70

This video highlights the success of Colorado Department of Transportation's (CDOT) innovative projects for managing I-70, which have reduced congestion improved travel times (by 50%) for road users, reduced the number of killed or serious injuries (KSIs) by 35%, reduced eastbound delays by 26% and reduced unplanned road closure times by 16%. In the future, CDOT plans to use live road and traffic data to enhance its management of I-70.

July 2017



UDOT proposes 'minimal impact' West Davis Corridor alternative

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has released a proposed alternative to the West Davis Corridor. The new 19-mile highway will be constructed from noise-reducing pavement, will have 'dark sky' lighting and will be built low to the road where possible. To ensure the safety and mobility of vulnerable road users, a 20-mile bicycle trail network will also be constructed close to the highway, and a bike and pedestrian crossing will be installed over Interstate 15. The proposed highway is an example of how future transportation needs can be met while impacts on the community and environment are minimized.

July 2017



GATEway and Ocado Technology trial driverless grocery deliveries

The TRL-led GATEway Project and Ocado Technology (a division of the online-only supermarket), have completed the UK’s first trials of a self-driving grocery delivery van in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. This video shows an autonomous 'CargoPod' vehicle in action. To read our full report on the trials, click here.

July 2017



Hot lanes investment is helping Virginia to future-proof

In this clip, Aubrey Layne, Virginia's secretary of transportation talks with Transportation Radio‘s Bernie Wagenblast about how the state is banking on its investment in hot lanes, as well as being an area for new traffic technologies to be tried and tested in. To listen to the full interview, in which Layne explains how his role involves working with NASA, and other interviews click here.

July 2017



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