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Jul 18 2018 16:30

Click here  Washington State University researchers use coal waste to create sustainable concrete

Jul 18 2018 16:28

Click here  London and West Midlands sign new transportation knowledge-sharing agreement

Jul 18 2018 16:27

Click here  Sensys Gatso wins new speed and red-light enforcement contracts in Australia and the USA

Jul 18 2018 16:25

Click here  SpotHero introduces over 500 autonomous vehicle-ready parking facilities in Chicago

Jul 17 2018 15:17

Click here  Portland, Oregon launches PDX Smart City initiative with Traffic Sensor Safety Project

Jul 17 2018 15:14

Click here  Project consortium demonstrates first European C-V2X interoperability between auto makers

Jul 17 2018 15:11

Click here  Road Rules platform for safe autonomous vehicle deployment launched by Inrix

Jul 17 2018 15:08

Click here  Transport Systems Catapult shows consolidation centers can improve urban congestion

Jul 16 2018 15:34

Click here  Highways England to trial increased speed limits through road work zones

Jul 16 2018 15:31

Click here  Vision Zero initiative sees New York City's traffic fatalities fall to record low

Jul 16 2018 15:28

Click here  Industry-first navigation technology Parking Path launched to conquer last-mile issues

Jul 16 2018 15:26

Click here  Esri integrates Waze’s live traffic and infrastructure data into its ArcGIS mapping platform

Jul 13 2018 13:32

Click here  Siemens CyAM software helping cities improve air quality and forecast future emissions

Jul 13 2018 13:30

Click here  Eberle Design introduces new iCITE real-time traffic and arterial data aggregator

Jul 13 2018 13:28

Click here  Venturer Alliance aims to build on legacy of innovative UK driverless car project

Jul 13 2018 13:22

Click here  WSP designing roadway to be used in Colorado's 'smart pavement' technology pilot

Jul 12 2018 17:13

Click here  University of Cincinnati aiding Ohio's drone test program for transportation applications

Jul 12 2018 17:11

Click here  Norfolk becomes first place in the UK to trial new in-vehicle cell phone detection technology

Jul 12 2018 17:09

Click here  Iteris awarded another traffic signal synchronization project in Southern California

Jul 12 2018 17:07

Click here  ITS-UK experts urge transport industry to factor in Inclusive Mobility from first principles

Jul 11 2018 10:13

Click here  UK government's Road to Zero Strategy wants 50% of new cars to be ultra-low emission by 2030

Jul 11 2018 10:10

Click here  DBi Services acquires Digital Traffic Systems to expand its footprint in ITS market

Jul 11 2018 10:05

Click here  Bosch and Daimler to pilot automated driving in Californian metropolitan area in 2019

Jul 11 2018 10:03

Click here  Austrian Institute of Technology’s IoT-based traffic management unit wins technology award

Jul 10 2018 14:43

Click here  New Siemens report urges cities to start planning now for the future arrival of CAVs

Jul 10 2018 14:42

Click here  Traffic signal synchronization begins across 1,250 intersections in Southern California

Jul 10 2018 14:40

Click here  VTT-led Finnish project developing road safety services using 5G communications

Jul 10 2018 14:38

Click here  Proposed changes to London’s Congestion Charge rules aim to reduce traffic and pollution

Jul 09 2018 10:54

Click here  Oregon tolling committee sends ‘congestion pricing’ recommendation to OTC

Jul 09 2018 10:52

Click here  SENSORIS project releases first vehicle-to-cloud data standard for CAVs


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