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Toronto chooses Iteris Performance Measurement System to control congestion

The City of Toronto has selected Iteris’s performance measurement system to manage and monitor the operations of its intelligent transportation systems (ITS), controlling congestion and improving traffic, safety and reliability.

Using the iPeMS (Iteris Performance Measurement System) software platform, Toronto will now be able to automatically analyze and visualize real-time and historical traffic, while measuring the impacts of changing weather, construction work and infrastructure on roadway mobility and safety. The Iteris software, in combination with real-time and historical traffic data from mapping and location services provider Here, will give the city real-time, actionable insights that it can use to improve its entire transportation network.

Government agencies and municipalities throughout North America, including the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), use the Iteris iPeMS performance measurement system to manage, measure and optimize complex transportation networks. As one of the leaders in applied big data transportation informatics, Iteris has developed the iPeMS platform to provide:

• Reliability measurement of the transportation network;
• Benefit/cost analysis of delay and congestion to the entire network;
• Project evaluation using before and after analytics;
• Weather visualization in conjunction with traffic;
• Predictive and actionable information;
• Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) performance measurement;
• Third-party traffic data ingestion and processing;
• Bottleneck reporting and visualization;
• Comprehensive freeway data fusion in real time;
• High occupancy vehicle (HOV) or Express Lane analysis;
• Integrated traffic and signal measurements;
• Detailed analysis of control modifications;
• Bluetooth sensor management polling and performance measure computations;
• Multimodal data collection and integration.

“The smart use of advanced technology is the cornerstone of our 2016-2020 Congestion Management Plan,” said Barbara Gray, general manager of transportation services for the City of Toronto. “Getting real-time, intelligent transportation system data analysis, visualization and reporting from Iteris will help us to improve traffic congestion and safety in our city.”

Ramin Massoumi, general manager and senior vice president of transportation systems at Iteris, commented, “The City of Toronto is taking a proactive and innovative approach to intelligent transportation systems management. It is our privilege and honor to deliver our cloud-based transportation performance management system in the service of Canada’s most populous city.”

May 15, 2017

Written by Adam Frost



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